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Posted by JENNIFER SENNE on March 18, 2019 at 10:10 PM

Everyone has their own stories and experiences in life. Many people choose not to share, but I strenuously believe that I have been tasked to do so and hopefully bring inspiration to people; especially to children.

Not too many people know that I have struggled with insecurities all my life. I was and still, at times very good at putting a mask on to hide how I really feel inside. I never knew that my experiences as a child will lead me to have low self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs, and insecurities as an adult. Let me tell you if I may, it is very difficult to get over these negative thoughts as a grown woman. The years of listening to all the false statements about myself had marinated in the deepest part of my thinking that it had cost me so many possibilities in life.

Yes, many get over it, but not everyone is a strong as other people are. I was weak with no one to guide me and felt as if there was nothing I could do. “This is me – incapable.” Other people saw it too and therefore took advantage of it. I was bullied in school, put down emotionally and mentally by people who I thought cared for me.

Insecurities had a damaging impact on my personal, professional and spiritual growth. Self-limiting beliefs played an influential role in my personal relationships. As I contemplated o how I got there, I realized it was all because of me! No one else to blame but my own thinking! I believed all the unpleasant things I was hearing and experiencing around me – I accepted it and believed it.

Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who was weak, incapable and fearful of everything in life. Looking back, I realized I had control of how it could have been, but no one was there to encourage me or to tell me otherwise.

Children are vulnerable to these types of problems. Insecurities, self-limiting beliefs, and low self-esteem may just be words we hear often and at times take for granted. “They will get over it!” but I know for sure that these simple words can lead to a dangerous path. We often wonder why we have school dropouts, depression among teens, youth and adults suicide rates are high, I believe it is because they lack self-love. Their self-image and self-value are so low that they do not see their self-worth. Bullying is so prevalent, and our youth do not have the strength to stand for themselves, and I believe it is because they see themselves as weak individuals who do not matter and therefore silence themselves, put on a mask and pretend everything is OK until it’s not. I know, because that's how I felt. 

It is my prayer and hopes that in a simple way be able to touch children's minds and heart and let them know as early as possible that they are beautifully and wonderfully made. They may not have a hard childhood as I did, but in a world full of negativity, selfishness, and criticism, children need affirmation, a pillar to hold on to. They need encouragement from parents, siblings, friends, teachers and most especially from themselves. They need to know they matter. Take it from someone who had experienced the consequences of these negative thoughts - it is not easy to let go once it has infiltrated your lives.

Children are valuable – they are to be nurtured, be discipline the right way and be loved. They are who they are going to be as they grow up. They will make their own choice. They will either be weak or be a strong individual, but I believe that whatever we invest in our children will always stay with them. They may turn from it for a while, but I believe one day, they will remember the values that we shared with them and hopefully, make the right choice to love themselves and be a great contributor to society.

We need to be intentional and show them just how valuable, capable and amazing they truly are and I hope and pray that they will see themselves in a positive light early on that they will become successful in everything they try to accomplish in the future.

Find one positive phrase to say to your child each day, you have no idea how powerful a simple statement such as "You are Amazing!" can be to a child's life!

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