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The Queen of Our Hearts

Posted by JENNIFER SENNE on May 12, 2018 at 3:05 AM

The queen of my heart is no other than my mother. She carried me for nine long months; I often wonder how hard it was for her to go through the situation at such a young age. Did I give her problem while I was growing inside of her; making her nauseous, cry for no reason or crave food she normally would not eat? Did she resent me as I made her body change and made her feel things that could hardly be explained? As I slowly grew inside of her, did I give her sleepless night by my constant moving in that small space inside of her? Did I make her jump by kicking her from the inside and pushing everything that was surrounding me? Did she welcome all these? Was she ready? Did she want to give up? So many questions in my mind. I hear women saying how beautiful pregnancy is; the experience of having a child growing inside of you is a gift from above. I never fully understood the awesomeness of this experience until I finally had the privilege of becoming a mother myself.

Despite being young, she was strong; she took care of herself not for her benefit but for the miracle that was slowly growing inside of her. She was a fighter, fighting for the new life that could not fight on its own. Fear and uncertainties, she conquered and replaced it with the only feeling that overpowered it all, her love. The hardship in life did not stop her from welcoming the situation with open arms. As I formed into a being, I’m sure the stronger our connection became. Though I don’t remember, I am sure her heartbeat was a sound I found comfort in. Each beat gave me the purpose to live and made my heart beat in the same tune as hers.

The time has finally arrived where agony had to come before the reward. I wondered how painful it may have been for my mother, how loud her screams were and did she feel like giving up once again? The uncertainty, the weary days, the physical change and finally the excruciating pain that comes with motherhood can undoubtedly make someone give up. However, one thing tramples it all, and suddenly a woman embraces all the painful journey of becoming a mother. The unconditional love that has been simmering in her way before the child was born overflowed and all the unpleasantness that was felt has now dissipated. A new reality sets in, everything became a part of a beautiful process of becoming a new mother.

I was separated from my mother when I was younger, but her love was always there. Her heartbeat was a constant part of my being that even when she was far away, our connection never faltered. There is no such thing as a perfect mother. Mothers make mistakes, after all, mothers are human too! However, I believe that nothing can come close to perfection than a mother’s pure and unconditional love.

There may be different types of mothers out there, but everyone shares the same experience of anguish and reward. Being a mother is a gift from above and ultimately becomes art as they raise their children into adulthood. Motherhood does not stop right after a child is born. It is a long and at times painful, but beautiful journey that women are willing to experience more than once. They may reach their destination of raising their children, but being a mother does not come with an expiration date, motherhood is forever.

Some mothers may be forced to make hard decisions because of difficult life circumstances, but I believe that love is always present. A mother will do anything and give up everything; including her life for the sake of her children. She is willing to embrace discomfort and sacrifice anytime of the day. As Agatha Christie once said, “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” That’s how strong a mother’s love can be. Motherhood and love are two words that will always be attached to each other just as mother and child will always be. Now that she has brought us into this world, her heartbeat I may not hear anymore, but her love is so strong that wherever I may be there is no doubt that her love is always with me.

Let us cherish every moment we have with our mothers; without them, we won’t be here. Without their love, we won’t know what love is. Let us show them how special they are no matter what the circumstances may be. Let us express how much we appreciate them, be thankful that they were willing to embrace the challenges of bringing us to the world, protecting and nurturing us while in their womb and are eager to continue to do so until they face their tomb. Our mothers are special; they are one of a kind. Let them know that they will be forever the queen of our hearts!

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