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Posted by JENNIFER SENNE on February 23, 2018 at 1:35 PM

Passion, perseverance, and faith these are valuable lessons in life that we usually want to teach our children. Lately, I have learned these three lessons from my seventeen year old daughter. I watched her go through so many emotions in her early years. I watched her laugh and I watch her break down; perhaps a typical teenage life. However, she never fails to amaze me with her perceptions in life. This girl has always been fierce even as an infant; she knew what she wanted and when she was old enough to get it, she did. However, nothing was simply handed to this girl. She always had to work harder than everyone else to get what she wants. She struggled with social, emotional and ultimately spiritual issues early in life. As a mother, it was arduous to watch her struggle with life lessons, but it was also rewarding to see her grow and let her find her path.

At a tender age of 9 she was introduced to the life of sport, although she was not too thrilled about our insistence that she join, she ultimately ended up loving it; loving it that her whole life revolved around sports, especially in the area of basketball. Most of her life lessons came from sport. Although she plays well, a natural talent was absent, but it did not stop her from getting good at it. She worked harder than everyone else until she accomplished her goals. She spent hours and hours practicing things she can improve on. The overflowing passion together with her dedication and work ethic is something to be emulated. Her tenacity in life exemplifies in everything she does, surprising for someone her age, I would say.

With her passion came perseverance. Life brings forth disappointments and failure. She stumbles and falls, but the ground isn’t where she belongs. She gets back up stronger than before; exerting all her energy into getting better, stronger and getting back in the rhythm of accomplishing what she had started. Success, however, did not come effortlessly. She had to overcome emotional and physical tests, but she never let any obstacles stop her from doing what she loves. Her passion was stronger than any hardship she ever faced. Her tenacity moved her towards her objectives in life. She always perseveres, and she displays this by getting up brushing off the dust that may have attached to her, and she chooses to fail forward, not looking back, but looking ahead; continuing where life had temporarily stopped her.

She could not have done with just passion and perseverance alone; the two came a little painless for her because of her faith. Faith not only in herself but most especially to the one that guides and gives her the energy and strength to move on. God has always been a part of her life, getting closer and building a stronger spiritual relationship with Him as she goes through her experiences in life each day. She looks back, not to dwell on her weaknesses but to contemplate and learn from her it and shares them to those who may need them. Her faith in God in turns gives her confidence in herself to extend the blessings and wisdom she has received, especially to those who may not see value in themselves. I may be biased, but I see beauty in her inside and out. Her weaknesses and vulnerability make her a strong young warrior. She inspires me and reminds me that I have to live life with passion, perseverance and, faith. Who would have thought that I; a mother can learn such valuable life lessons from a young lady such as Haley.

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